Name Generator

Name Generator generates names using a method created by Claude Shannon. Claude Shannon created fake English text by going to a random page in a book, and writing down the first letter on the page. Let's say it was "h". Then, he would flip to another random page in the book, and find the first occurrence of the letter "h". Let's say it was in the word "had". He would then write down the letter that followed the "h", in this case "a", then flip to another page in the book, and find that the first occurrence of "a" was followed by "l", and so on. This program is slightly different. It takes two random (taking into account the frequencies of letters in English) letters. It finds what those two letters are commonly followed by. Then it takes the last two letters, and finds what those two letters are commonly followed by, and so on. There is also a faster version (you need to download it) on GitHub

After clicking "Create Names!", the button will become red until it has finished loading. To download the names, click on the download link, then press Ctrl+S/Command+S.

Number of names:
Display names at bottom (Unchecking this option will mean that you will have to download the names to see them)