More projects


A computer program that generates names! It uses
the frequencies of trigrams.

AutoHarmonograph or Non-randomized

A randomized Harmonograph. You pick the number of pendulums.

2D becomes 3D (and 2D becomes 3D custom where you pick the starting shape)

Different 2D shapes are moved around in circles
to form 3D objects.


A clock that shows the time of day with circles
going around in circles. The colours of the circles
change depending on the time. The innermost circle
is seconds, the second is minutes, the third is
hours, and the fourth is the day of the year.

Maze Solver

Create a maze, choose a starting point and an
ending point, and your computer will solve the


Pick simple rules, and watch a cool pattern
start to appear.

Tree and Tree generator

Move your mouse around to see a tree change shape.
In Tree Generator, you choose all the tree parameters
but in Tree, you move your mouse around to pick the

Ball bounce

Try to bounce a ball with your mouse. The game
gets harder and harder because you can't see the
ball behind its tracks.


Try to avoid magnets which are attracted to your

Modular Pascal's Triangle

A picture of Pascal's triangle mod x. Set x and
Click update to see the triangle.

Modular Circles

There are a circle of points, each one corresponding
to a number. Lines are drawn between points according
to rules. Create interesting shapes like cardioids

Shape Roller

This program rolls (invisible) shapes around other
(invisible) shapes and traces a point on the shape as
it moves along. Create interesting shapes like cardioids.

The Mandelbrot Set

This program draws the Mandelbrot Set. You can
zoom in and change the power.

Langton's Ant

This is the cellular automaton known as Langton's
Ant. You can find out more about it here.

π Calculator

Draw a circle, then find out how well your circle
approximates π!


A program that generates names using the
frequency of trigrams.


Like NameGenerator, except it learns what names
you like.